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#AdvocacyAlert Islamophobia

Today, We Remember

Today, we remember and do our best to honour Salman, Madiha, Talat and Yumna – 4 dear members of our community who were stolen from us in an act of hate. We strive to carry on their warmth, their kind ways and their commitment to others around them. We pray for them and we pray …


Release Imran Khan

Assalam Alaikim, May 11, 2023 Hikma Public Affairs Council is extremely alarmed by the current political developments in Pakistan, including the arbitrary arrest of former Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan. As we continue to follow the unrest as a result of this shameful attack on civil liberties, we are reminded of the importance of supporting …


The Beauty and Power of Eid

Assalam Alaikim, The end of Ramadan gives us a chance to celebrate the discipline that all of us exhibited this month; to celebrate the best of our faith and to celebrate the strength of our unity – that for the last month millions of us shared a common purpose, a common strength and a common …