Hikma (Arabic for “wisdom”) was started around the time of the 2015 Federal Election with the goal of increasing the political participation of Muslims in the London area.

Hikma is also involved in political and media advocacy efforts on behalf of Muslims in London, with a local, provincial, national and international outlook.

Hikma encourages Muslims to get involved in all aspects of public participation, from politics (in any party), government appointments, and in the non-profit sector by serving in volunteer leadership roles.

Board Members:

Nawaz Tahir, Lawyer,

Samer Abou-Sweid, Health Care Executive (Chair)

Amir Hage, Lawyer

Dr. A.R. Lawendy, Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Hassan Mostafa, Dental Surgeon

Dr. Wael Haddara, Chief of Critical Care

Fatima Hamou, Teacher