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#AdvocacyAlert Islamophobia

Hikma Stands in Solidarity with Special Representative on Islamophobia

Canadian Muslims have suffered from a distressing and fatal history of hate against our community over the last decade. Grassroots advocacy to address Islamophobia in Canada has been met with limited success due to politicization of these concerns.  Therefore, we thank the Government of Canada for the appointment of the first Special Representative on Combating …

#AdvocacyAlert Islamophobia News/Events

City of London Appoints Muslim Community Liaison

After an thorough application and interview process, The City of London has hired Ahmer Khan as the Muslim Community Liaison Advisor, effective Monday, December 12. Ahmer’s most recent role was as the Constituency & Stakeholder Relations Manager, at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, where he was a primary contact for community organizations, government stakeholders and …

#AdvocacyAlert Islamophobia The Our London Family Act

Hikma Calls on Doug Ford to Pass the Our London Family Act

With the Introduction of the Our London Family Act by the Ontario NDP, supported by the Ontario Liberal Party and the Ontario Green Party, Hikma calls on the Doug Ford Government to complete the non-partisan support of this legislation, so that it can be passed before this June’s provincial election. Accordingly, we have this message …