This past week, the City of London, lead by Rumina Morris, the Director, Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression, and her team, released its report and action plan. You can find the 160 page report by clicking here.

The report will be presented to City Council’s Strategic Priorities and Policy Committee meeting scheduled for Feb 8 at 4pm. That meeting will be streamed live here.

Hikma commends Rumina and her team for putting this thorough report together. Hikma participated in the consultation process that went into this report and our recommendations are contained in the report in Appendix A.3. Hikma has written to Mayor Ed Holder asking him to support the implementation of this report (page 138 of the report document).

We also ask you to make note of the various groups and organizations that also support this report, starting at page 136. It should be a source of strength for the Muslim community to see such widespread support. If and when you have a chance, please be sure to send an email of thanks to those groups and organizations that stand with us in the fight against Islamophobia.

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