Hikma would like to make the community aware of an initiative being undertaken for women in London & Middlesex who want more information about what it means to run in the municipal election later this year in October (not to be confused with the upcoming summer provincial election).  You do not have to make any commitments – it is information only.  Hikma encourages all Muslims, especially our Sisters, to participate in the political process, as this is an integral part of exercising our faith through community service and a chance to make a difference in our community.  
This initiative is funded by a grant from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities who note that women make up just 18% of Mayors and 28% of City Councillors.   It is being organized by Women Leaders in Middlesex County and is open to anyone in London or the County of Middlesex.  The workshop is on March 26th from 9am to 1pm at the Komoka Wellness Centre. 
You must register by contacting womenscaucus@middlesex.ca.  
Please note that this is not a Hikma event – we are just passing along this information.  Please email womenscaucus@middlesex.ca if you have any questions. 

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