What is HikmaSET?

The purpose of HikmaSET (Hikma’s Strategic Engagement Team) is to deepen the engagement of Muslims with each political party in London and area. It is designed to build capacity in our community to effect positive change in the political arena and set the stage for the long term political influence of Muslims. We want Muslims to be at the table where important policy decisions are made.

How Does it Work?

London has four ridings federally and four provincially. HikmaSET works by appointing an Ambassador for each riding, for each party, provincially and federally.

Hikma supports each Ambassador to work with each party and to facilitate the involvement of Muslims in each party. The Ambassador team meets quarterly for education and team building.

How Can you Help?

We are always looking to add Ambassadors. Email us at communications@hikma.ca to volunteer or for more information.

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