One of the recommendations which emerged from the Anti-Islamophobia Working Group members was for the City of London to create a Community Garden in honour of Our London Family.  The Community Garden will be located at Maple Grove Park.  There are 10 plots available for local gardeners and the City of London is reaching out to you as members of the Muslim community, opening up the opportunity to the Muslim community to apply for the 10 plots within the Community Garden. These will be raised garden beds so that they are accessible to all and will be used for growing food and herbs.  The intention behind the creation of the garden was to provide a way to give back to the community and so there is a desire that the gardeners who have a plot will incorporate some way of giving back whether it be sharing with family or friends, or donating some of the food.  You can find out more information about the Community Gardens here

For anyone interested, please send an email to Rumina Morris, Director, Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression, City of London – – as soon as possible as the Community Gardens team would like to connect with you and help you get your plot ready and set up in time for the dedication ceremony on June 6.  There is a rental agreement that will need to be completed.  For this season, the fees will be waived.  Starting next year, gardeners will have the opportunity to keep their plot at a cost of $41.65 (with subsidies available) or release it for someone else to use.
If there is a significant interest, the first 10 gardeners identified will be offered a plot. If you have any questions about the program let Rumina know and she can put you in touch with her colleagues in that department.

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