Assalam Alaikim,

In October, Hikma sent an email to the community highlighting the lack of proper representation of Muslims in the Canadian Public Service. Alham D’Allah, the response from the community was great, and a number of our community members have made it to the late stages in the recruitment process!!  

As Muslims, we must do more to get our voices heard in the rooms where policy decisions are made and implemented. We must also work towards building a community which puts forward strong political candidates from within the community as opposed to having people speak for us. However, this cannot be done overnight. In fact, it is a long-term plan that requires strategic planning, mobilization, and, above all, empowerment.

To this end, we now look toward a different opportunity for the youth members of the Muslim community in London and around Canada. The Liberal Party of Canada began its recruitment period for its annual Summer Leadership Program (“SLP”). The SLP is a great political internship opportunity for young Canadians who are looking to kick-start a political or public service career. This internship allows the youth to serve in offices of Members of Parliament and Federal Ministers, the Office of the Prime Minister, and the Liberal Research Bureau. The program allows participants to work at the local level through local constituency offices or in Ottawa.

Political internships are rare, but are extremely rewarding for the participants and their communities – if you are a youth member of the Muslim community, we urge you to apply to this opportunity.

Eligibility is simply being an individual eligible to work in Canada, the completion of your academic year by May 1, 2023, proficiency in at least one official language, and possessing strong technological skills. The application deadline is February 3, 2023. There are no age requirements, and no political background is necessary. Below are some details of this internship program:

  • This is a full-time paid internship program that runs from May 1 until August 18, 2023.
  • The application requires completing an online form, a resume and full contact details of two references.
  • You can explore the program in further detail and apply by visiting this page:

If interested and you have any questions, please reach out to Muhammad at as soon as possible to ensure that we increase Muslim representation in policy making settings. Please forward in your networks and especially to any post secondary school graduates that you know.

Please note that this is not an endorsement of the Liberal Party.  They reached out to Hikma to advise us of this opportunity and we appreciate that.  We are making inquiries of the other parties to see if they have anything similar.  

Jazak Allah Khair,

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