Assalam Alaikim,

The end of Ramadan gives us a chance to celebrate the discipline that all of us exhibited this month; to celebrate the best of our faith and to celebrate the strength of our unity – that for the last month millions of us shared a common purpose, a common strength and a common link to Allah swt. 

It is this shared purpose and unity that shall drive our hope for the next year.   A hope for a stronger, more united Ummah.  Let us resolve to take our shared celebration this Eid and channel it into more forgiveness, patience and support toward each other.  A resolve to take action to do all that is in our power to improve the situation of the worldwide Ummah.

On behalf of all of us at Hikma, we wish you and your family an Eid Mubarak and all of the blessings, bounty and mercy of Allah swt.

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