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The Beauty and Power of Eid

Assalam Alaikim, The end of Ramadan gives us a chance to celebrate the discipline that all of us exhibited this month; to celebrate the best of our faith and to celebrate the strength of our unity – that for the last month millions of us shared a common purpose, a common strength and a common …


Ramadan Mubarak

As we embark on another blessed month of Ramadan, we at Hikma want to wish you and your family a Ramadan Mubarak.  We pray that Allah swt accepts all of your acts of worship this month and that He blesses you and your family with all of His bounty.

#AdvocacyAlert Islamophobia News/Events

City of London Appoints Muslim Community Liaison

After an thorough application and interview process, The City of London has hired Ahmer Khan as the Muslim Community Liaison Advisor, effective Monday, December 12. Ahmer’s most recent role was as the Constituency & Stakeholder Relations Manager, at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, where he was a primary contact for community organizations, government stakeholders and …


Hikma Congratulates Dr. Faisal Joseph

On December 4th, 2022 our dear Brother, now Dr. Faisal Joseph, was granted an honourary Doctorate by St. Francis Xavier University.   Long before there was ever a Hikma, Faisal took it upon himself to be one of biggest, if not the biggest, advocates for Muslims in the country.  He blazed a trail for Hikma and other Muslim advocacy groups to …